curiosity chats

In 2010, I left the country where I was raised and set out into the world with just a backpack, a tent, and a pair of sandals. I was filled with curiosity and excited to learn more about myself, others, and how to live more harmoniously with and on this gorgeous planet we call home.

And although being a nomadic solo world traveler did introduce me to heaps of casual new acquaintances, the reality was that it was often a very lonely endeavor. I was craving more enriching connections and conversations that held depth, meaning, and inspiration.

One day, I decided to sit at an outdoor cafe and invite strangers to choose from a series of handwritten cards I’d created. I simply asked that they read the card, answer the question written on it out loud, and then I would do the same. We excitedly took turns talking openly about our life experiences, awarenesses and perspectives, and were amazed by how quickly we discovered commonalities and built trust. The initial question was just a launching point for conversations that often went far beyond that topic and into a whole new realm of exploration!

When we become aware that everybody is our teacher and has unique wisdom to share, every human interaction turns into a learning opportunity. Deeply inspired, I continued to write questions on cards for the next several years, carrying them with me in my travels and using them to start chats with new people everywhere I went; making new friends at parties, bonding more deeply at family holidays and gatherings, and turning cross-country road trips into exciting adventures. Creating more conversations was creating deeper relationships, helping people to become more compassionate, and creating more unity and community.

I continued to write over eight hundred chat questions and in 2017, launched this mobile app as a portable, fun, and easy-to-use conversation starter. Simply open Curiosity Chats on your iPhone or iPad and start a face-to-face chat with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Each person selects a card, asks a question out loud, and allows their natural curiosity to inspire deeper inquiries and topics. You can spend just a few minutes chatting, or talk for hours. It’s completely up to you.

Curiosity Chats has taught me things about myself, my friends, and my family that I never would have known without asking, and I’m grateful for all of the amazing connections that started out with the question, "Wanna play a game?"

It’s my sincere hope that Curiosity Chats also becomes a fun and valuable tool for you as you continue to form deeper connections with all of the people in your life.

Let’s continue being curious, together.


The Curiosity Chats app supports your journey to communicate more authentically with others. There's even a section built into the app called "conversation tips" that will guide you through ways to improve your active listening and become a stronger overall conversationalist.