curiosity chats

the conversation starter app that's generating rave reviews

"The most remarkable thing happens when you sit down with friends and family you "think" you know and start playing with the Curiosity Chats conversation starter app. Suddenly this group becomes a gaggle of excited strangers, each eager to tell a story that you've never heard in all the time you've known them. Curiosity Chats draws out so many feelings and experiences, it's like getting to meet a new group of friends over and over."
Dan, United States

"I was fidgeting with the unease of knowing no one at the party until I was invited to play a game of Curiosity Chats. Six of us gathered around a table and spent the next several hours taking turns asking and answering thought-provoking questions. We shared laughs, connected with stories, and were challenged to understand and to be understood. I learned more about these people in one short evening than I might have after many months of casual conversations, and I left the party fueled by the energy of new friends and deep connections."
Tess, New Zealand

“Curiosity Chats is a great tool for improving relationships with friends and family members. The cards in this app have questions that trigger funny, interesting and touching answers from the particpants and soon everybody is curious for the answers and eager to elaborate. This app really created some quality time for me and my parents and we all felt closer than we had in years. We're already looking forward to the next time we play.”
Luiz, Brazil

"My adult daughter and I shared quality time exploring the thought-provoking and inviting questions in Curiosity Chats. We were able to easily express our opinions on a variety of subjects we wouldn't have ordinarily discussed, and it's been a creative way for us to delve deeper into ourselves and each other."
Linda, United States

"I love this app! My friend and I were at a cafe waiting for our coffee order when she opened up the Curiosity Chats conversation starter app and asked me to play. We spent nearly an hour engaged in each other's stories and it was such an enjoyable and genuine way to deepen our connection."
David, Australia

"Curiosity Chats is a beautiful tool to deepen your connection with anyone. These simple yet profound questions inspire topics that are unlikely to occur on their own, and bring out new depths of understanding, learning and intimacy even with people I've known for years. I highly recommend this app for getting to know someone new, or safely delving deeper into an existing relationship."
Heidi, Australia